Run & Walk Club

This class is taught by:

Georgie Whitehouse

Georgie is a spirited and knowledgeable personal trainer, who is passionate about health and wellbeing. Georgie has been modelling and promoting fitness regimes for many years, having competed at an elite level in cycling, triathlon, swimming, mountain biking and water polo. Georgie is most eager in the area of strength training and rehabilitation- shaped by her experience in competitive sports and personal relationship with rehabilitation, after being hit by a car when cycling. Georgie is interested in psychology and is currently completing studies in counselling, which equip her with a unique skill set to support and guide clients in achieving health and wellbeing.

Marcus Bradbery

Inspired by the science of human movement and the benefits of this science on his clients wellbeing, Marcus is an enthusiastic, results orientated Personal Trainer.
Marcus has a passion for outdoor adventure activities which inspires his own training and incorporates this into his clients programs to improve their day to day wellbeing.
Looking to operate as a trainer that specialises in activity specified conditioning, Marcus continues to develop his knowledge and experience as a Personal Trainer at 6X, working with his clients in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Friendly, approachable and understanding Marcus loves getting to know new clients, building lasting relationships in the process.
Unlimited Clients to this Class, the more the better! Run Group starts and finishes at the studio with a different route every week. This is a fun and VERY Social Group, be ready for a coffee afterwards.