Kayne Goldfinch

Don’t be surprised if you see Kayne dancing every now and then (you are more than welcome to join him) as he loves to create a fun environment. He has many hobbies that include; cooking (secretly terrible at it), being adventurous, meeting new people and reading. Kayne also enjoys stepping outside of his comfort zone, this is what brought him over to Sydney from New Zealand. He believes movement is the key to enjoying life and preventing injuries in the future. Are you ready to be moved?

Kayne Goldfinch instructs the following:
  • Max8 Strong
  • Legs, Chest, Back or Core, get total body strong with Max8 Strong.
    Weight training at its best with total body muscle building, muscle toning and strength development. This session will have you feeling the effects and seeing the gains in no time.
    These classes have been developed to accommodate all fitness levels, they are recommended for people who have experienced weight training in the past.

  • Max8 Boxing
  • Using mits, shields and hanging bags, this class will see you burn energy and frustrations as you punch and strike your way through the class.