Rachel Jorgensen


Rachel Jorgensen instructs the following:
  • Max8 Fit
  • Push your whole body to new levels with Max8 Fit.
    A combination of high intensity cardio and functional strength exercises using body weight, Bosu, TRX and Swiss Balls to enhance your endurance, strength and stamina. Great for conditioning in the lead up to any triathlon, marathon or obstacle course, regular participation will see your performance increase before your eyes!

  • Max8 Strong
  • Legs, Chest, Back or Core, get total body strong with Max8 Strong.
    Weight training at its best with total body muscle building, muscle toning and strength development. This session will have you feeling the effects and seeing the gains in no time.
    These classes have been developed to accommodate all fitness levels, they are recommended for people who have experienced weight training in the past.

  • Max8 Lean
  • Max out that heart rate and sweat like you mean it with Max8 Lean. 
    Designed with fat burning, cardio fitness and core strength as its focus, Max8 Lean is where you'll burn more calories and max out your heart rate an intense session leaving nothing in the tank. 

  • Max8 Boxing
  • Using mits, shields and hanging bags, this class will see you burn energy and frustrations as you punch and strike your way through the class.