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We've just finished sitting down and speaking with Brad Ellison, owner and personal trainer at 6X. Here's what he had to say about the exciting new stage of 6X.

Good morning Brad, what's been the story of 6X so far?

We first opened the doors of 6X in a small retail shop in Maroubra Junction next door to the cheesecake shop. This was in September of 2011. I opened it with two other trainers - Tony and Chris who remained training clients and taking classes for almost the whole three years [until now]. We opened with my current 30 clients and within just two weeks word spread of our unique style of classes and structured Personal Training we soon had over 90 members training in the studio three or more times each week.

As the first year turned into year two and then year three we saw plenty of trainers come and go. Unfortunately the fitness industry is like this with so much on offer for personal trainers like 24hr gyms, small PT studios, franchised gym chains and outdoor boot camp operations. As staff changed, the style of training changed, we started to incorporate a fat loss challenge into our program. Over 12 weeks we would challenge our members to lose as much weight as possible and reward them for their efforts. We also conducted workshops and events which saw ourselves and external professionals educate the members of 6X. It was always a little 'off-the-cuff' without too much preparation but somehow was always a great success.

About 18 months after opening, we converted our workshop space into a TRX training zone much to our members delight. The additional space meant a designated area to do core training and stretching classes as well which we didn't realise was going to be so popular. 

In August this year, our lease was up and the building was demolished ready for a new block of units to be built. We moved to the other side of the cheesecake shop just 2 doors up and continued the personal training sessions but sadly knocking out our signature Max8 classes for about 6 months.

In this space we had another fat loss challenge, just 6 weeks this time, with our members once again astounding us with the amazing efforts and results they could achieve in such a short time.

Why are you looking forward to the new studio?
I'm most looking forward to having our Max8 sessions back on the schedule. The training area is twice the size of the original studio meaning more options for equipment, groups wont be so restricted and PT's can work with clients in their own space without being affected by other sessions. I'm really excited about having a new piece of equipment which allows 4 people to use barbells all at the same time, a monkey bars and climbing rope will complete the setup.

Whats going to be different?
The biggest efforts we've been giving have been towards developing a coaching program and also the seminar programs. Every week we are going to be delivering a different seminar to our members, there are three different categories - training, nutrition and personal development. I'm really excited to see how the team delivers the information and what the member response is to the presentation and information. As for the coaching, the big importance of weight loss is keeping the results. We have developed a weekly coaching program to help keep our members on track with training and nutrition. The program will be a little cheaper than the traditional PT training allowing members to add it to their program and continue it for longer. In my opinion, it's going to be one of the most beneficial sessions we offer.

We heard Christmas came early this year, what's the new equipment arriving soon?
Two things, one is a body composition machine and the other is the MYZONE system. In the nine years that i've been a personal trainer I've come to realise that training and nutrition are key but knowing the results that these efforts earn is just as important. The new body composition machine is 98% as accurate as a DEXA scan every time you use it. The technology is from Korea and it's quiet new to Australia. Knowing body composition is key to motivation and reason to continue doing what you're doing, I'm pumped to have this available for our members. 

As for the MYZONE system, oh my god, this is going to be insane! As trainers, we'll be able to track what our members do in and out of the studio. It's a heart rate monitoring system which has a chest strap and optional watch. In the studio TVs display everyones real-time heart rate as a percentage, bpm and MEPS. On the screen these numbers are ranked to show who's working the hardest in the studio at the time. Outside the gym, provided people wear the chest strap exercise is tracked and when next in the studio, uploaded to a private online account for trainer and client to view.

Tell us about the competitions associated with these things. 
We'll have a fitness challenge using the MYZONE system where points are awarded for performance. Over three months, three times each year we'll award prizes for those with the most points. We're not sure exactly how this will work since we don't have the access to the equipment yet, but its definitely going to happen!

The weight loss challenge will see us try something very new in the fitness industry. Since we're in this industry for the right reason - client results - we also respect maintenance of results, our new challenge will reflect this. We don't need to see 6 or 12 week results any more, we found too many people lost the results even before we announced the winners. Stay tuned!

What is the foundation membership about?
There's always a fine line between having a full gym and 'too' many members. I've never considered 6X a gym. I always called it a personal training studio and so had a general guide that the maximum amount of members should be around 25 per trainer this way we can look after all of our members with time and attention devoted to everyone, and this has worked well in the past. With our team of 6 trainers, we will try and keep our member numbers around the 150 to ensure our service remains high!

The first 150 members will definitely get what they pay for!

Speaking of memberships, what are the add-ons about?
Our membership includes everything we want our members to do on a weekly or monthly basis - a couple training sessions each week, stretch, attend seminars, run or walk weekly and keep social with each other. Above these things, we've got add-on services - coaching, personal training and Max8 Groups. We've put these add-ons into a weekly direct debit system and allowed members to control when the add-ons start and stop via their online login to the 6X schedule.

Our recommendation to our members who use these add-ons will be to stay consistent for a four-week period to get the most out of them, rather than jumping from one to another and missing out on the results which come from being consistent with their training.

When do you expect 6X to open?
First week of February is looking good at this stage, we have so far yet to go, that could still change.

Thanks Brad


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