Farewell! Almost...

I can't believe that my 4 weeks at 6X is almost up!

This week is my last week at 6X Training. Throughout this month I've had the most amazing time experiencing working in a gym setting. I have learnt valuable lessons about different ways to train people all thanks to the wonderful team of trainers that have been kind enough to take the time to show us the ropes.

Having sat in on my most recent screening of a new client, he had come up to us with the ambitious goal of looking like Ryan Reynolds in a couple of months time. I realised how different this was to goals other clients had, ranging from weight loss to increasing muscle mass, trying to be a better version of themselves, or even just trying to find their motivation to workout again.

I think the most valuable lesson I've learnt is how different everyone is, whether it be different body types, different goals, different personalities, different training styles, and how we should be fundamentally aware of these differences and the important role they have in tailoring particular training styles to suit each person's needs. What may work for one client may not work for another. The most rewarding part is seeing the change in people after 4 weeks of training - not just the big changes on the scale, but the changes in their attitude.

I'll be here every day until the end of this week so feel free to come and have a chat. Thank you once again to Brad and the 6X Team for taking me on board and of course to the wonderful clients who have let us sit in on so many of their sessions. See you around!

​Jesse Poon

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