Get up and Go! (The Dangers of Sitting)

How many hours have you spent sitting today? Are you sitting now? Working, watching T.V., browsing the internet, driving- it all seems to REQUIRE sitting. Add it all up- you’d be surprised how much you actually sit every day. In fact, the average Australian watches 4 hours of T.V. per day alone.

Sedentary behaviour is an independent predictor of death. In other words, the amount of sitting hours you rack up directly correlates with reduced life expectancy.

A study conducted in 2012 investigated the relationship between death rates, physical activity and sedentary time.

The groups with the lowest amount of physical activity and highest amounts of sitting had the highest death rates. Whereas the groups with the highest amount of physical activity and the lowest amount of sitting time had the lowest death rates.

It was shown that sitting time predicted death INDEPENDENTLY from physical activity and that 8 hours or less had a PROTECTIVE effect. We all know that being fit and healthy will keep you alive for longer.... but sitting is still killing you no matter how hard you’re busting it out at the gym.

Become conscious of your sitting time and replace what you can. Integrate habits into your life. It can be as easy as getting up from your desk, leaving earlier for work to catch public transport, walking the dog an extra day a week, or swapping T.V. time to go to the beach or the park with the kids.

Not to mention, standing can burn an extra 20 to 50 calories per hour depending on your size. It keeps your metabolism up, and keeps you burning, burning, burning!

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