Incidental Activity

With busy schedules, attending the gym might not be always possible. So what are some ways we can make sure we are always keeping active and fit with busy schedules? "Incidental activity". Incidental activity is activity built up during your day that has a key role in improving ones overall health and decreasing risk of other conditions. Some examples of incidental activity include:

- Taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator
- Riding a bike or catching public transport instead of driving to work
- Parking further away from work and walking longer distances
- Riding a stationary bike while watching TV
- Standing up from your desk and stretching/walking every 20 minutes
- Bringing the children to the park and engaging in activities

Through incidental exercise and additionally coming to the gym, benefits to your health increase a great amount. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask anyone at 6x how you can implement incidental activity to your lives.

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