Quick and easy exercises after your wake up!

Getting up in the morning may not be the easiest for some of us, especially when it means you need to get up and exercise. However, we all know exercise is essential in keeping us fit, increasing our independence and decreasing our chances of diseases. What are some ways we can do this that only takes 20 minutes? Below are some quick exercises that you can do before you take your shower.

1) Push ups
2) Crunches
3) Planks
4) Tricep dips
5) Squats or Lunges

These exercises work on all your major muscles groups such as your triceps, chest, glut and quad muscles whilst also targeting your core muscles. Doing these exercises for 2-3 sets x 10 repetitions will work on strengthening the above muscles.  It is important to also take 1 minute rest breaks between each exercise and mini breaks in between sets of each exercise. Let any team member at 6x know if you have any questions on technique or exercise variation for exercises after waking up.

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