How to improve your 6 week peak scores: 7 stage sit up & sit and reach tests

As we are coming into the 4th week of the 6-week challenge, everyone has attempted most tests either one time or multiple times. Now you might think 2 simple tests like the 7 stage sit up or sit and reach tests may be easy but have gotten lower scores than you predicted. Well don’t worry, there are many exercises which can help you improve your scores and are an easy fix. As the 7 stage sit up is a measure of core strength, we will be targeting the oblique and rectus abdominis muscles. In contrast, the sit and reach measures and determines your hamstring length as well as overall flexibility. Below are some exercises you can do to improve these.

7 stage sit up

-          Crunches

-          Bicycle crunches

-          Planks

-          Russian twists

-          Toe touches

-          Leg raises

Sit and reach test

-          Sitting toe touches

-          Thera-band hamstring stretch

-          Dynamic hamstring leg raises

Ask one of the 6x team if you had any questions on exercise technique or any exercises you might be thinking of.



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