Benefits of exercise for Older Adults

As we get older, there is a tendency to shift our focus away from our physical health and training. instead we increase the amount of time with family and friends, which often means over indulging on one too many treats. Yes these treats are fine in moderation, but if it becomes a habit the extra kgs will creep up on you.

There are many benefits to be gained from continuing exercise into and throughout older adulthood. one such benefit is that it helps preserve the health and strength of our bones, therefore preventing injuries, such as falls from occurring. exercise also helps maintain overall health in older adults and decreases the impact of illness on the body. 

The stress of having kids, full time work, and trying to juggle everything in between can take its toll on our mental. Exercise is a great way to counteract this as it improves both your mood and confidence levels. Besides who doesn't feel on top of the world after a hard session with the 6x trainers.

Keeping active in our golden years is extremely important both mentally and physically. so next time you're lying in bed hitting the snooze button remember how good a quick gym session is for you in the long term.

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