Hi! My name is Chris, and I am a 4th year Exercise Physiology student at UNSW, completing my practicum hours here at 6X. Like most of the guys here at 6X, I’ve grown up in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and love spending plenty of time at the beach. Having said that, I’ve always loved swimming, and was a keen competitor in my younger days, before turning my attention to cricket, and middle distance athletics. My cricket career is currently on hold due to a long-term shoulder injury, however with my studies, I’m slowly working towards fixing this, and getting back onto the park and hopefully scoring some runs!

In terms of the future, I’d love to be an Exercise Physiologist that works with clients with chronic cardiovascular and musculoskeletal conditions, and am looking forward to gaining experience with clients of this nature throughout my university placement. I also have a keen interest in helping healthy individuals achieve their fitness goals, so I’m feeling great about being here at 6x and meeting you all!

I’ll be here at 6X over the entire summer, and am looking forward to jumping in a few classes with you all, and maybe eventually leading some! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, or simply just say hi!

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