The Cognitive Benefits of Exercise

This week we go into detail about one of our four major components – the cognitive benefits of exercise.

Exercise can improve our:
- Problem solving skills 
- Focus
- Ability to multi-task, switch modes, and ensure you keep track of several things at a time
- Control emotion 
- Will power
- Short and long term memory
- The speed of our thinking

We will be able to plan, organise and solve problems faster and more effectively. We will develop the skills to do multiple tasks at a time and still be able to remain focused. But most importantly, it involves setting goals, and doing everything we can to achieve those goals. We have a stimulation in perseverance. We gain better control of our emotions and develop the ability to improve our memory while our brain is becoming more efficient with processing thoughts.

Next week we will focus on component number two – the psychological benefits of exercise!

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