Exercise for chronic disease

Hi everyone! My name is Jacinta and I am currently in my third and final year of my university degree in Exercise and Sports science at the University of Sydney.  As part of my degree, I am required to complete 140 hours of practical learning and have been fortunate enough to be placed at 6X.

Throughout my degree, I have taken particular interest in several subjects, one of which being neuroscience.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Parkinson’s disease and how exercise can aid in managing the chronic condition.  So naturally, I was thrilled to find out that I would be able to work alongside an Exercise Physiologist here at 6X, in training a client with Parkinson’s.

To the naked eye, it was difficult to discern the presence of the condition at the start of the session.  Although, the style of training proved its existence.  Exercises focussed heavily on balance and coordination, two physical characteristics that deteriorate over time with Parkinson’s.  Resistance banded walking, catching tennis balls whilst standing on a Bosu ball and standing colour identification tests were all included in the exercise session.

The training session was both fun and engaging to watch.  After talking to the client after the session, it was evident that exercise plays a vital role in managing a chronic condition such as Parkinson’s disease and improving the quality of life for patients, both physically and mentally.  

Should you feel that a family member of friend could benefit from training with their condition please don't hesitate to contact the team at 6X.

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