Life’s process of ageing

My name is Adam and am currently completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Sydney Uni, and am currently completing my work placement at 6X, to gain experience and valuable knowledge working in the Health and Sport Industry.

I’ve lived in Maroubra all my life and have represented many local sport teams in cricket, rugby and soccer and currently representing North Sydney District Cricket Club. Being a local to the beach, it has encouraged me to endorse an active lifestyle.

By completing a degree of Exercise & Sports Science, it has allowed me to develop my skills of prescribing exercise and how the body reacts to exercise which I believe is vital for physical and mental wellbeing and prolonging healthy aging. Learning both from the personal trainers at 6x training and my knowledge from my degree, will allow me to help client’s work towards their goals whether it is to lose weight, get stronger or simply improve their healthy state of mind.

One thing that everyone goes through their life is aging which unfortunately is a degenerative process that can’t be stopped but can be maintained. With the prescription of exercise, we can delay this process and promote a healthier lifestyle. Aging leads to decreased muscle mass, loss of strength, gain in adiposity (fat) and loss of spatial memory. Exercise has shown to:

  •   Promotion of “happiness” hormones (endorphins, dopamine & serotonin) resulting in increased enjoyment/satisfaction, more alert, more focused and improves concentration.
  •   Increase hippocampal volume in the brain which leads prolonged spatial memory
  •   Promotion of muscle fibres leading to increased muscular strength which is vital for a strong base of support and essential for bodily movements
  •   Maintenance of bone strength which also delays the onset of weaker bones and osteoporosis.

If you see me around the gym please come say hi, and if you need any assistance or have any questions please let me know.

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