Steph's First Week!

Hey All!


I am here to introduce myself- My name is Steph and I am a first years Masters student studying Exercise Physiology at Sydney University. You may remember me as the short brunette girl hassling you for your name in the Monday kick-start class, or the one that was asking you questions before/during your PT session. I Have done my best to remember as many names as I can so far, but unfortunately when you have a memory as terrible as mine that can sometimes seem to be an impossible task. I am here currently with my fellow student Matt, and we will be in Monday and Thursday mornings for the next 5 weeks.

 So a little bit about myself- I graduated from my bachelors of sport and exercise science at UTS last year and decided this year to start my masters in pursuit of more experience, and more knowledge in the health/ exercise field. I personally compete in elite aerobic gymnastics having represented Australia in numerous overseas meets and world championships since the age of 12 and still spend most of my time exercising or standing on my hands at any possible opportunity (as some of you will see). 

I decided to enter the exercise field after school because I have always had a huge interest in how the human body works, and of course with exercise in general. I love to see how exercise can be used as a tool to grow, repair and improve the body physically and mentally and I always wanted to be a part of that. I also love to communicate with anyone and everyone so by default working with people was the best way to do so, so if any of you see me around please approach me or i'll make sure I try to!

I would say that my expertise lies with body weight exercises, push ups and anything slightly gymnastics/ flexibility/ handstand related so if anyone has any questions about any of these things I would be more than happy to help out! So that's it from me today- I will be looking forward to getting to know you all better over the following weeks!



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