Our Concept

Our concept is based around being personal and getting results at every stage of your journey. We’ve designed your training space and our programs to reflect what we know gets results. As a team we can keep you motivated and accountable to everything you set out to achieve seeing you reach your goals with minimal stress and added certainty.

Accountability & Technology

Body Composition

Knowing your body composition is what makes our programming so accurate. How much muscle, fat, fluid and many other things determines the right combination of training needed to see your best results in record time. 

6X is home to the InBody composition machine. This unique piece of equipment does not use estimations or averages to calculate body composition. By not utilising averages in its calculations, individuals can be accurately assessed on their body composition of their trunk, arms and legs. This gives an incredibly accurate, repeatable analysis of the overall body composition and health status. 

Every machine other than InBody uses averages and this can be proven by simply changing your gender, age or body type.


We can monitor every aspect of your training inside and out of the studio. This is done using MYZONE® which will monitor your heartrate during training sessions. MYZONE® is a chest strap and monitoring system that transmits heart rate, calories and effort in real time to a live display in each training area of the studio. Your training efforts are then wirelessly uploaded to a logbook that you can access online or through the free app.

 MYZONE® is the only exercise tracking system in the world that is able to provide real-time feedback of exercise intensity as well as wirelessly upload exercise data that has been stored in your belt, making the technology simple and convenient for you to use. 

MYZONE® collects data and enables the team at 6X to stay connected with your efforts hourly, daily and weekly to keep you moving forward even when you’re not in the studio.

InBody Body Composition


6X Highlight


Your motivation is what gets you started and ultimately what has you reach your goals. Here at 6X we have many ways to keep you motivated.

Training Environment

Our amazing community is a friendly environment where clients and trainers all know your name and the high-energy that comes from this will have you eager to train every week.


We recognise you and your efforts all the way. We do this through awarding prizes for
  • Client of the month
  • Weekly challenges
  • Outstanding assessment results
  • Competition Results
Friendly Competition

We know that there's nothing better than some friendly competition to get you motivated. During the year, we host internal events and competitions to keep your motivation levels sky high. Competitions include:
  • Fat Loss Challenges
  • MYZONE Fitness Challenges
  • Fitness Assessment Ranking


At 6X we are focussed on all components of health and fitness including strength, speed, stamina and flexibility. Our monthly fitness assessment will gauge where you perform in each of these components. We will test your upperbody strength, core strength, flexibility and cardio endurance in a half hour session designed to track your improvement. The fitness assessment will allow the 6X team to see which component of fitness you need to focus on and incorporate this in your next training plan.


We provide education on a weekly basis via personal training, coaching or seminars. Depending on which one suits you best will determine how our team works with you to teach you everything you need to know. Not only will we teach you but we will help you apply it in every part of your life to help you reach your desired results.

Our Studio

The reception you experience when first entering the studio needs to be the best... So we installed a coffee kiosk! The friendly team of trainers, desk staff and even our own barista make your training experience unbeatable.

Gym access is available to members only. Our ability to service your training one-on-one or in a small group is our specialty but we also love seeing motivated members train on their own, in their own time... And trust us, you will be motivated!

The training environment has been designed to enhance two things, our Personal Training programs and our Max8 Group training sessions. With never more than eight people in a training zone, we can incorporate multiple training techniques and formats without ever feeling crowded or needing to alter the programs to compensate for unavailable equipment.

The training equipment we use allows us to train our clients to the fullest. From people who have never stepped foot in a gym to clientele that are striving to race, compete or further develop their athletic abilities.

Our Services

Welcome to the start of your week (or weekend), lets get your body going! Using all the equipment in the studio your body won't know what hit it. Whatever your trainer has in mind is what you have to perform. This is a great class - Kickstart your body, enjoy the ride.
Using mits, shields and hanging bags, this class will see you burn energy and frustrations as you punch and strike your way through the class. 
Push your whole body to new levels with Max8 Fit.
A combination of high intensity cardio and functional strength exercises using body weight, Bosu, TRX and Swiss Balls to enhance your endurance, strength and stamina. Great for conditioning in the lead up to any triathlon, marathon or obstacle course, regular participation will see your performance increase before your eyes!
Max out that heart rate and sweat like you mean it with Max8 Lean. 
Designed with fat burning, cardio fitness and core strength as its focus, Max8 Lean is where you'll burn more calories and max out your heart rate an intense session leaving nothing in the tank. 
Legs, Chest, Back or Core, get total body strong with Max8 Strong.
Weight training at its best with total body muscle building, muscle toning and strength development. This session will have you feeling the effects and seeing the gains in no time.
These classes have been developed to accommodate all fitness levels, they are recommended for people who have experienced weight training in the past.
Unlimited Clients to this Class, the more the better! Run Group starts and finishes at the studio with a different route every week. This is a fun and VERY Social Group, be ready for a coffee afterwards.


  • You can train with your trainer one-on-one for either 30 or 60 minutes
  • Focussed personal programs ensure you train specifically for your abilities and intentions ensuring every session is worthwhile
  • Every four weeks, you and your trainer assess your progress and change your program accordingly
  • Be held accountable to your own training outside the gym
  • Constant contact from your trainer for nutritional motivation and ideas
  • Choose the same day and time each week to never miss a session again



  • Maximum of eight participants
  • Pre-registered classes mean the session is designed around who is coming
  • Instructed by the 6X team of personal trainers, potentially your own trainer
  • Injury and ability is taken into consideration
  • Start on time and finish on time with structured classes
  • Periodised training sessions mean class formats change every month

Our Team

  • Friendly and enthusiastic
  • The 6X team are all certified personal trainers and trained 6X coaches
  • We specialise in fat loss and fitness based programming
  • Complete nutrition training and experience for dramatic life-long results
  • Passionate and motivated to help you
James is a highly motivated and enthusiastic trainer. With a large sporting background, James has represented in football, basketball and recently in bodybuilding, where he placed second in INBA Junior Mens natural bodybuilding, and has been selected to compete in Open Mens natural bodybuilding later this year.

He has an extensive knowledge in muscle and strength gains, supplementation, body sculpting and bodybuilding as well as rehabilitation, nutrition and massage therapy. Train with James and experience an amazing training journey to attain results you've always dreamed of.

Don’t be surprised if you see Kayne dancing every now and then (you are more than welcome to join him) as he loves to create a fun environment. He has many hobbies that include; cooking (secretly terrible at it), being adventurous, meeting new people and reading. Kayne also enjoys stepping outside of his comfort zone, this is what brought him over to Sydney from New Zealand. He believes movement is the key to enjoying life and preventing injuries in the future. Are you ready to be moved?
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