We have a unique personal training and group training program covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Within this program, we ensure every member is treated as an individual. Right from the very first visit, we spend time getting to know the past and present circumstances and then delve into the future goals and reasons why you’ve chosen to embark on your health and fitness journey with us.

Our programs can be as simple or complex as necessary. We have pre-programmed and proven plans for fat loss and muscle gain, where body composition is the focus. We will also professionally write specific programs for individuals that don’t fit the mould of a standard fat loss or muscle-gain program, in either case, injuries and contraindications are taken into consideration every step along the way.

Under the NDIS, we are qualified to deliver three services

1.       Exercise Physiology

2.       Exercise Physiology in a group (up to 3 participants).

3.       Personal Training

Our on-boarding process has new members with a 60-minute sit down appointment with our Exercise Physiologist. Following this, we determine what following services are best suited to past and present experiences and aligns best with future goals.

On a monthly basis and inline with our mainstream program, we reassess training plans, programs and nutritional plans to reignite motivation and promote further results.

Communication is very important in our field of expertise, we like to consult with family members, friends and carers regarding progress to continue to provide the best experience along the way. In return, feedback from these parties is gratefully received.



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