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6X Social

Balance out your training in the studio with these sessions outside the studio. Each week a vote via the website will determine where the 6X Social session will be held. 3 weeks out of the month will be training, the fourth is a casual dinner, drinks and big-screen sport in the studio.


Guided Stretching

Regular stretching is so important for healthy muscles and joints. Balance out your high intensity training with daily stretching sessions and we'll have you feeling good as new!



Welcome to the start of your week (or weekend), lets get your body going! With 15 minutes in each training area your body won't know what hit it. Move from strength to cardio back to strength and finish with cardio, whatever your trainer has in mind is what you have to perform. This is a great class with up to 36 people allowed to attend. Kickstart your body, enjoy the ride.


Run & Walk Club

Unlimited Clients to this Class, the more the better! Run Group starts and finishes at the studio with a different route every week. This is a fun and VERY Social Group, be ready for a coffee afterwards.



Every week our team host educational presentations. Topics are divided into three categories: nutrition, training and self-development.


Personal Training


  • You can train with your trainer one-on-one for either 30 or 60 minutes
  • Focussed personal programs ensure you train specifically for your abilities and intentions ensuring every session is worthwhile
  • Every four weeks, you and your trainer assess your progress and change your program accordingly
  • Be held accountable to your own training outside the gym
  • Constant contact from your trainer for nutritional motivation and ideas
  • Choose the same day and time each week to never miss a session again



Max8 Groups


  • Maximum of eight participants
  • Pre-registered classes mean the session is designed around who is coming
  • Instructed by the 6X team of personal trainers, potentially your own trainer
  • Injury and ability is taken into consideration
  • Start on time and finish on time with structured classes
  • Periodised training sessions mean class formats change every eight weeks



Max8 Boxing

Using mits, shields and hanging bags, this class will see you burn energy and frustrations as you punch and strike your way through the class.


Max8 Circuit

Circuit the machines on the cardio floor with a great mix of CORE exercises in a high intensity interval training session (HIIT). The variables of this class are never ending. If you are looking for ideas for your own training sessions, this is the class to come to!


Max8 Core

How strong is your core out of ten? This class is for you! With the perfect combination of stomach work and core strengthening, this class will leave you with the perfect balance of training across your week. Your energy levels will be lifted and your body strengthened leaving you ready to tackle your next Max8 Group better than ever!


Max8 Fusion

This fun and intense workout revolves around the TRX Suspension Trainer. TRX uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability – all at the same time. This advanced class combines the TRX with bodyweight exercises. This combination of stable and unstable is great for a huge variety of challenging exercises, athletic drills and aerobic activities.


Max8 Strength

Is the Max8 Weights group too easy for you? or, are you looking for something a little more advanced? This class could be for you. With the knowledge of your trainers, Max8 Strength has no limits - powerlifting, olympic lifting, advanced weights-sets... Basically anything that 'Arnie' has written about is what this class is for. If you're unsure of your abilities for this class, come and watch one first.


Max8 Weights

Superset, Triset, Dropset... any kind of set - This is the class to do it! During this 45 minute class, you will learn new weights-training techniques and push yourself to a degree that is generally out of reach without a trainer. Definitely a class for the confident client. If you are thinking of joining in this class, a one-off PT Session is recommended prior to know the equipment and your weight-lifting ability.


Max8 X-Training

Up for a challenge? This particular class is about lifting the heart-rate and smashing the muscle. Prepare to develop your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. During this class be ready for cardio machines combined with strength exercises including bodyweight, TRX, medicine balls, steps, BOSU... And heaps more!

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