Having a coach is crucial to success, look at any successful athlete or sporting team and you will find the thing they all have in common is a dedicated coach. At 6X that is exactly what you will get from our team of trainers, a coach who is dedicated to helping you succeed. Remain 100% accountable on a daily basis and be guided towards your goals.


If you want something you have never had, then you need to do something you have never done. Here at 6X our trainers will push you beyond what you thought you were capable of to help you achieve your goals faster. As well as providing one on one coaching our trainers will put you through challenging workouts that will leave you feeling motivated and accomplished.


During your one-on-one coaching session you will;


  • Set, track and stick to your weekly goals
  • Break down old habits and rebuild strong good habits
  • Track progress of both your actions and your results
  • Be accountable to your nutrition plan, food diary and eating habits
  • Be provided with varied training and nutrition programs

During your session your trainer will:

  • Warm you up to minimise any risk of injury
  • Ensure you are performing the best technique for all exercises
  • Provide you with a program tailored specifically to your current fitness level and goals
  • Motivate you to push past your limits
  • Coach you on external aspects such as nutrition and habits
  • Stretch you at the completion of your session


Beyond your face to face session you will have access to your trainer on a regular basis via phone calls, text and emails to keep you accountable and on track when away from the studio

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